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Tonja Michelle (Gabryshak) Into the Open Road - I, Into the Open Road - II, Summer Moon
Art on Display
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Small town girl of the Pacific Northwest, Tonja Michelle (Gabryshak) has always been an artist; falling in love first with the written word, at 5 years old she remembers going from Disney to Shakespeare and being completely enthralled by how her imagination danced through the pages, bringing the costumery, orchestration, set design & choreography to life upon stages in her mind.

Her work is a reflection of her heARTnSOUL's journey to protect & cultivate that childlike fascination, joy, wonderlust, awe & deep appreciation for all of life. She started BeauTonian Arts Collection when she was the tender age of 8, knowing then that she would be unable to settle on expressing these visions in just one medium.

She managed an award winning career primarily doing full scale event design & production, complimenting these with her handmade invitations & other graphic design projects while writing and playing piano in her "free time". In 2009, Tonja was awarded the $10,000 Talbot's Women Scholarship for "commitment to her community & her studies" and has since published "heART that is making a difference" and a chap book of her poetry "Awaken the New Day."

The main body of work that will be shown at the Women's Wellness Center will be Tonja's series of "Light Paintings" presented on canvas & a selection of prints that she developed on film & processed in the darkroom. Both the film & digital images are emotive of the artists playful spirit; joyful meditations on seeing the beauty in all things, uninhibited explorations in breaking the rules to see beyond the ordinary. Tonja takes you on poetic journeys through long exposures, movement, dynamic color & visions not seen by ordinary senses.

-- Tonja Michelle (Gabryshak)
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