Yoga is a form of exercise that has been clinically proven to aid in the treatment of these and many more conditions: stress, hypertension, depression, addiction recovery, racing thoughts, and so much more. We offer several forms of yoga here at the women’s wellness center, so you can find the style that works best for you. Think of it like food — everyone needs to eat, but some prefer salad over grilled veggies.
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Gentle Vinyasa Yoga with Kathy

Gentle Vinyasa Yoga with Kathy combines gentle movement and breath in this soft, flowing style.

Group Personal Training with Mary

Group Personal Training with Mary is one of the fastest ways to reach your fitness goals! These circuit style classes are offered in a group setting and lead by a Personal Trainer. Designed to be time efficient, this workout is done in a 30 minute class session and appropriate for all levels of fitness.

Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga with Kathy

Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga with Kathy explores a progression of yoga postures as you connect with your breath and individual needs. Please join us while you strengthen, stretch, and relax. This class is moves at a faster pace and incorporates more challenging poses.

Pilates with Jillian

Pilates with Jillian is a wonderful no impact workout that works your core in a more dynamic way. This class will challenge you, while reshaping your body. Pilates is designed for all levels of fitness Come and try Pilates with Jillian Pigg

truBarre™ with Kate

truBarre™ with Kate is a full body workout with a foundation based off of Pilates and classic or “true” barre techniques. The program is safe and efficient because it focuses on proper form, alignment and posture while increasing strength, muscle tone and stamina. Each class is formatted in a specific sequence with interchangeable sections of choreography that are composed for versatility and maximum results. Classes begin with a warm-up and a section of core work followed by several sets of full body toning exercises with a focus on the thighs and glutes. The concentration then shifts to arm work. The class is finished up with deep abdominal work and stretching. truBarre™ classes are designed to be safe and effective for all ages, from teenagers to seniors. No experience is necessary, all levels are welcome.

Vinyasa Yoga with Kathy

Vinyasa Yoga with Kathy is a class that helps focus your mind, stretch, and strengthen muscles, increase mobility, calm nervous system and improve cardiovascular health.

Gentle Slow Flow Yoga with Amber

Gentle Slow Flow Yoga with Amber allows you to decompress. This soft paced class is designed to help you stretch and relax as you progress through a series of gentle movements that are linked to your breath.

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