Yoga is a form of exercise that has been clinically proven to aid in the treatment of these and many more conditions: stress, hypertension, depression, addiction recovery, racing thoughts, and so much more. We offer several forms of yoga here at the women’s wellness center, so you can find the style that works best for you. Think of it like food — everyone needs to eat, but some prefer salad over grilled veggies.
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Gentle Vinyasa Yoga with Kathy

Gentle Vinyasa Yoga with Kathy combines gentle movement and breath in this soft, flowing style.

Vinyasa I/II Yoga with Kathy

Vinyasa I/II Yoga with Kathy explores a progression of yoga postures as you connect with your breath and individual needs. Please join us while you strengthen, stretch, and relax. This class is moves at a faster pace and incorporates more challenging poses.

Hatha Yoga with Judi

Hatha Yoga with Judi is the physical practice of yoga combining asana (postures), pranayama (breathing or breath awareness), and dyana (meditation), in order to achieve overall health and wellbeing. This class will focus on body awareness, alignment, posture, core strengthening and breathing techniques to facilitate balance between strength and stretching, concentration and relaxation.

Gentle Slow Flow Yoga with Judi

Gentle Slow Flow Yoga with Judi allows you to decompress. This soft paced class is designed to help you stretch and relax as you progress through a series of gentle movements that are linked to your breath.

Yoga Fundamentals with Mara

Yoga Fundamentals with Mara is an educational class, looking at the basic yoga poses, and how they are the underlying foundation of all the yoga poses.The student is encouraged to understand who they are in their bodies and how this will show up in their yoga poses. The student will approach and practice the fundamental yoga poses, by using various props such as walls, chairs, blocks and straps, The student will learn how to recruit important muscles to safely explore these basic yoga poses. Great for the beginning student, and the student who wants to deepen their understanding of alignment and what the poses are really there to do.

Gentle Vinyasa with Mara

Gentle Vinyasa with Mara is creative yoga movement linking one pose to the next with synchronized breath. More dynamic than Hatha Flow, the practice moves at a quicker pace but always in rhythm with the breath. Proper alignment is always emphasized. Vinyasa classes allow the student to generate their own heat thereby helping rid the body of toxins.

Hatha Yoga with Mara

Hatha Yoga with Mara is the most widely practiced yoga style, is a slower paced class that focuses on building strength and movement in concert with the breath. The slower pace allows ample time for the student to develop skills necessary to find safe alignment. This is an all levels class and recommended for those wanting to approach yoga with awareness and precision.

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