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Laurie Crawford Colorful French Market, French Waterfront Organ Grinder, Nocturne: Chateau Villar, FR
Art on Display
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Laurie Crawford was born in Portland, OR, grew up in Northern CA and raised her family in Everett, WA. She taught in the Everett School District and Everett Community College for many years. Creative ways to express herself in writing and art came about when a friend took easel and paints outside. While taking turns rowing the boat and sipping tea, they discovered mini plein air gear handy and fun.

Since most of her photos were of people, she decided to find ways to appreciate the beauty and variety of landscapes up close and personal. Traveling with painters taught her the many ways to go about rendering am image with texture, form and color.

Today she enjoys showing here work in local venues and encouraging her grandchildren and others to make time to discover the joys of painting in different settings.

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